Thursday, April 4, 2013

CD-ROM Based Multimedia Development

MPT 1293 : CD-ROM Based Multimedia Development

Week 7

Multimedia use in interface implementation for telematic-based learning

Design a interface for a courseware is an extremely critical. Screen design must have a good graphic design, user-friendliness and appropriateness to the learning content. To have more interaction with the user, multimedia elements is integrate to such as text, graphic, sound, animation and video. There are three factor that should be implement in interface which is screen development, interaction providing and navigation organisation. Nowadays, the interface design was eliminating the need for written instructions. The designer replace the instructions to icon or good screen design when planning a user interface.

To design a good interface, all the screen should have the same elements or the same layout at the same location. Besides that, a well interface design also need to have enough space for the content and the most important is the interface should have a clear navigation for the user so they would not feel lost when using courseware.

The creativity use colour to highlight the selection of the user will give a navigate to user that which content there are viewing. By included extra guidance such as interactive maps will show the level and sub-level of the learning material structure. It also allow users to change location by referring to the map and clicking on the area they wish to visit.

There are some factor will effect the users to visit the courseware. One of the factor is the courseware included too much dynamic media. If a interface have heavy laden with animation and video, it will slow down the smoothness when users using the courseware.

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